Exhibitions    Time and Space @ fYREGALLERY Braidwood NSW

10.10.19 to 27.10.19

A joint show with Angharad Dean, Marijke Gilchrist, Simone Doherty and Carolinbe Reid. 

Time and Space Our work both captures Time in the landscape and is created by us making Time and Space in our lives for our art.

Our art captures the beauty and diversity of the Australian landscape in a variety of mediums, as diverse as the country we portray.

Only current encaustic works by artist Marijke Gilchrist are shown.

Encaustic medium involves fusing layers upon layers of beeswax (mixed with resin and pigment) with a high heat source.  Other materials such as dyed silk and found objects such as shells, stones and leaves can be incorporated into this medium.

This medium provides the viewer with a truly sensory experience. The multiple layers gives works a luminous, ethereal quality, which retain the beautiful aroma of beeswax.  These works can be safely touched, to feel the texture involved (from the smooth wax, to roughness of incorporated materials) and is waterproof.

All works are framed

Turquoise sea by Marijke Gilchrist

Turquoise sea  2019

Encaustic and shellac burn

53 x 42 cm

Passing Through 3 by Marijke Gilchrist

Passing Through 3  2019


61 x 961 cm

Ripples in by Marijke Gilchrist

Ripples in  2019

Encaustic and shellac

42 x 31 cm

Passing Through 2 by Marijke Gilchrist

Passing Through 2  2019


61 x 61 cm

Two birds by Marijke Gilchrist

Two birds  2019

Encaustic and shellac

30 x 30 cm

Sky becomes the waves by Marijke Gilchrist

Sky becomes the waves  2019


92 x 92 cm

Passing Through 1 by Marijke Gilchrist

Passing Through 1  2019


61 x 61 cm

One bird by Marijke Gilchrist

One bird  2019

Encaustic and shellac

30 x 30 cm

Blue by Marijke Gilchrist

Blue  2019

Encaustic and shellac

30 x 30 cm

Warri Rest Area, Shoalhaven River by Marijke Gilchrist

Warri Rest Area, Shoalhaven River  2019

Encaustic and shellac

52 x 42 cm

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